Talent recruitment

Painting Engineer


1. men

2. College degree or above, major in machinery.

3. More than three years of experience in equipment planning and design in this industry, with the planning ability of the whole plant, with large-scale painting project planning and design cases.

Business representative

Job content:

Experience in production line and painting equipment is preferred

1. Preliminary communication with customers based on customer information provided by the company;

2. Discuss technical solutions with engineers and technicians, and provide technical solutions (drawings) to customers by engineers and technicians.

3. After the customer confirms the technical scheme, the engineers and technicians will calculate the cost and the business assistant will quote the price to the customer.

4. Negotiating and pricing with customers;

5. Signing purchase and sale contracts and collecting deposits;

6. Submit the "Production Notice" to the internal departments and follow up the progress. The technical department sends BOM list and processing drawings, the purchasing department purchases materials, and the production department carries out production.

7. Follow-up of production progress;

8. Delivery and installation;

9. Payment on receipt and final payment;

10. After-sales service.


Experience in production line and painting equipment is preferred

Contact person: Personnel Miss Liu: 0755-28035726